The Story of a Maniac

I saw all the music of 2008 i had on my computer and my cd shelves and god knows where else, and I thought: “well, that’s really a lot..time to start listening only to 2008 stuff, so i can make a well-balanced top 50 list”.. It’s at these times when you realize you’re a freak.

I spent two months on my list last year and eventually came up with this my last year’s list… completely out of date  by the way.

Things that are missing:

–  Breathe owl breathe – Canadian Shield

– Emily Jane White – Dark Undercoat

– Ferraby Lionheart – Catch The Brass Ring

– Fishboy – Albatross: how we saved..

Jumbling Towers

Misophone – Where Have Our Grandparents Gone.. (would be my number 1)

– No Age – Weirdo Rippers

– Pale Young Gentlemen

– Paul Baribeau – Grand Ledge

–  The Avett Brothers – Emotionalism

– The Shaky Hands

Which means the next 11 should go out:

Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Mice Parade, Glenn Jones, The Shins, … errr Dolorean…

well, okay, i would have had an even harder time to make the list at this moment.

I by the way also had a “Big Talent list”, which can be found here: BeatBeat Whisper made a good second album, David Vandervelde didn’t really live up to the Standards, Morning Benders did a very good job and Bon iver.. well, you may have noticed i put him in my eventual list as well..

That’s what kind of freak I am… But well, I enjoy it bigtime!

P.S. More information about my top 50 list of last year and what the bands sound like, can be found if you go diggin’ in my Last.Fm Journals..This year, i’ll just use my blog to do that… but that’s still pretty far (though not very very far) in the future

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