I am the grandson of a nazi General: Jumbling Towers

Who? Jumbling Towers

What? Indie rock with a german sounding frontman

Sounds like? Sunset Rubdown for the voice, Interpol for the music (i really really suck at comparisons haha)

I found this band through some obscure blog last year and really got excited after a first listen… I’ve always been a huge fan of strange voices, starting from Billy Corgan And his pumpkins (don’t worry, i’ve outgrown them, although i always feel nostalgic when i hear them) and ending with things like Frog Eyes or Sunset Rubdown. Off course, all Indie Kids dig that.

Jumbling Towers however has got really everything to be a indie favourite… I still don’t know why almost no one is blogging about them, cause their debut album is an energy-driven fairly original rock album. And there is the singer’s voice, sounding like a german general at times (but he appears to be singing in English)…it’s like indie cabaret rock, or something…

anyway, better stop reading and start listening..the cool thing is..you can listen to two songs of their debut album here on my blog, but the band also released an EP on their website for all of you to download FOR FREE (especially the first song is great).. I like the full album better however, but well…just a matter of taste. The album can also be bought on their website. (i bought it by PayPal but the link on their myspace seems to have vanished….they probably ran out of copies..but this is gonna have a reissue at some day in the future)

Jumbling Towers – Pure Jew

Jumbling Towers – He’s A Cop Now

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