Autumn is early this year (or is it spring?): Breathe Owl Breathe

Who? Breathe Owl Breathe

What? autumn songs with a little glimpse of sunshine

Sounds like? Bowerbirds, but mostly smog or Bill Callahan..

Autumn is early this year. I’m having this really weird bluesy feeling all week (well, it started during my stay in Berlin last weekend) and so i can only talk about music that isn’t all too cheerful itself. Although Breathe Owl Breathe can sound really happy..

I franktly don’t know all that much about this band, but their album ‘Canadian Shield’ could have a been a smog album, like he made them during the time of ‘Dongs of Sevotion’… not all songs are equally great, but it’s still all really enjoyable, mostly because of the strings and banjo. WEll, just stop reading this stupid intro stuff and do what you’re supposed to do with music. Listen!

Breathe Owl Breathe – Kids + Cats

Breathe Owl Breathe – Landmark

it does cheer me up, listening this now

you can find more mp3’s here, and also buy their albums there by clicking on it, which leads you to the site of their label, Fox on a Hill. …  A small autumn blues this is, I’ll keep the really depressive stuff for when times get colder.

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3 Comments on “Autumn is early this year (or is it spring?): Breathe Owl Breathe”

  1. Freakystyle Says:

    Had van de week al hun laatste EP’tje gedownload. Volgens mij naar aanleiding van een tip van LTB. Zal er eens naar gaan luisteren. Bowerbirds spreken mij erg aan.

  2. Smansmith Says:

    Love BoB!
    Love Smog!
    Love Bowerbirds
    ….i gots lots of loves….nice post!


  3. […]  Breathe owl breathe – Canadian […]

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