Wir sind stolze Deutscher!: Harald Sack Ziegler

Who? Harald Sack Ziegler

What? Lo-fi crazy pop in German

Sounds Like? a German with too much time

I must warn you: this is probably something most people won’t like. First of all, it’s in German (You mean, that Nazi language? Damn!) and secondly it’s quite freaky at times (although the really freaky stuff in my music collection will be reserved for later, you can already look forward to that)

I’m going to Berlin tomorrow and Saturday (so already can’t keep my promise of a daily update), and thought a German artist would be well in place. I used to study German (and yes, it sucks as hard as my English does..), even graduated in it. I’m quite fond of the language of Goethe and can’t wait hearing it again.

Harald Sack Ziegler normally makes electronic music (with Sack & Blumm and in collaborations with Mouse on Mars), but on his album ‘Punkt’ (a compilation of old cassette recordings he made) he really is the typical lo-fi hero: making songs in his bedroom which are witty (well, for the people who don’t speak german: they are) and a bit childish.  If there’s one genre (if you can call it a genre that is) that defines me in my music listening habits, then it’s lofi. So this really cheers me up, and the song ‘aquarium’ is in my top 20 of funniest songs (not that i really have such a list, but it would be if such list were to exist).. I had a really hard time choosing which songs i would upload (cause he’s got quite a lot of good ones), so this time i’ve uploaded 3 songs… but this is an exception (and you all go out & buy his album, do you hear me?)

Harald Sack Ziegler – Aquarium

Harald Sack Ziegler – Meine Oma

Harald Sack Ziegler – Sterntaler

You can buy his album at his label Staubgold, Boomkat, and other music selling sites.

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