Tradin’ books in a global bookshop: Bookmooch

Two posts in one day? Wow, really keepin’ up the pace here.

Because it’s bookworm wednesday i just wanna let you know about Bookmooch, a great site I discovered a few weeks ago. It’s a site where you can trade in your old unwanted books for books you really were dying to read for a long time.

How does it work? You go to the site, register yourself and make all your unwanted books available for people to “mooch”. That means that if they want one of your books, they’ll ask you for it. For adding books to your inventory, you get 0.10 points per book, for sending a book you get 2 or 3 points (depending on whether you send it nationally or internationally)

Off course you want books in return, so on your wishlist you put all the books you want (or you just browse on the site in other people’s collections). If you see something you like, you mooch them, which costs you points,  1 point nationally, 2 points internationally.

I really works.. all you have to pay is shipping costs, but if you don’t wanna send a heavy book to the U.S or Canada, or any other country that isn’t yours, you can just let the moocher know. I’ve so far sent 2 books, and got 3 in return!  and a 4th one is in the queue… you can see my profile here. But it would be cool if everyone started mooching, cause it’s just so cool to get rid of your old books like that and getting cool new ones in return.

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One Comment on “Tradin’ books in a global bookshop: Bookmooch”

  1. Winters. Says:

    da’s nu nog eens een handige site zie! (dat ik die nog niet ken .. grmbl)

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