Bookworm Wednesday: A book about Giraffes

What? Giraffes? Giraffes!

Eh? A “scientific” book about giraffes for children

Publisher? McSweeney’s

It’s been all about music so far, but I’ll try to tell something about books every wednesday. Music is more direct and easier to blog about, but it’s books that i’m really in love with.

A few years ago, I discovered McSweeney’s, an american publisher founded by Dave Eggers, who wrote brilliant novels like ‘What is the What?’ and ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’. They publish a literary magazine every four months, and it always looks great. It’s always over 100 pages (lots more mostly) and it has an artistic concept. you’ve got e.g. McSweeney’s 13 which was edited by Chris Ware and is all about graphic novels and the evolution of the american comic. But it can also be that there are just some really cool drawings in it, or other stuff… You name it (the coolest one is the one where the magazine looks like a bunch of mail with in every envelope a different story)

They however also publish novels, works of non-fiction and especially nonsense books.  Those include the the Haggis-on-Whey books, a series of 377 (!) scientific books for children. Only two of them have been published up until now, with a third one one the way. The first one is about giraffes, the other on’e about the ‘animals in the sea, in particular the giant Squid’.

What’s so funny about the book, is that all the information inside is pure nonsense. Or do giraffes really come from outer space and do they really travel by means of a conveyor belt? It’s pretty obvious that there isn’t a single word true, but it’s really funny to read, especially because the whole book looks like these old children encyclopedias.

Really recommended if you wanna give your children a proper education.

you can buy it here.

For the Belgian readers i would recommend buying it on, cause it’s quite cheap there (that’s where i bought it)

Don’t forget to take a look on The McSweeneys-site for the other books they have to got to offer, including a series of children books so they can learn to fix a car and mix a cocktail, and a catalogue of all the metal bands in the world.

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