Drunk Troubadours on the road: Milo Jones

Who? Milo Jones

What? A Folky singer-songwriter, who sounds drunk all the time. Even if his guitar seems to have drunk a few beers too many.

Sounds Like: Howe Gelb, Calvin Johnson (but not really)

Milo Jones is the reason why I started this blog. According to his website, he has received much praise in the past, but he has way too little listeners on Last.fm (which isn’t necessarily a trustworthy source). Still, If someone deserves to be the first artist on my blog, it’s Milo Jones.

I purchased his album ‘Lifeline’ a year or 2 ago, just based on a review I read somewhere. Back in those days, he didn’t have a MySpace, but i decided to just take my chances. It turned out to be great. With very good cover versions of classics like Mr. Sandman and Lemon Incest, Milo Jones won me over.

Milo Jones – Mr. Sandman

on his website you can stream quite some songs of him. If you like it, go buy the album here then.

I didn’t plan on posting YouTube-stuff on here, but this is just too good to not show you:

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2 Comments on “Drunk Troubadours on the road: Milo Jones”

  1. Smansmith Says:

    Hey I checked out his website and he has some pretty good stuff. Nice find!


  2. Freakystyle Says:

    Great music, i will check out his stuff soon. Good luck with your blog.

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