I hate blogs: a mission statement

This is my first blog, or whatchamacallit (blog post?), in which i will declare what this blog is about, in the most possible boring way.

I hate blogs as a matter of fact. Most of them give details about people’s personal life in which i’m not interested at all. In which no one should be interested. It’s like finding a diary with all embarassing details in it. You keep on reading and hating yourself for it.

That’s why this blog won’t be about me. If I in some sort of way am very interesting, you can try to find contact by looking at the fifth star from the right and think of me. I’ll then come to you and fulfill your dreams. But i’m lazy, so don’t expect me there all the time. That’s all there is to know about me.

This is gonna be a blog about books and music, in random order. But mostly about music. I’m gonna promote all kinds of obscure bands, complaining about how you all should know them. And then i’ll post a song (or two), and give you a link where you all go to buy the album. And your life will be better, trust me.

I’m Belgian, speak Dutch, but blog in English. This way i triple (or quadruple even!) my possible readership. And since i studied English quite a while ago, i should be able to pull it off without too many mistakes. (If someone’s counting, let me know in the comments).

So, enough of the chit chat. Music and Literature. That’s all. No stories about crazy grandma’s, love sick nights, amazingly wonderful travels in Guatemala or updating you on my sick dog.

hope I don’t get tired of it.

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3 Comments on “I hate blogs: a mission statement”

  1. Ella Guru Says:

    Wel wel, wie we daar hebben… 🙂 Welkom in het parallelle universum dat Blogland heet.

    Eerste tip: zet je eigen blogadres bij “website” onder je persoonlijke gegevens. Op die manier kan ik rechtstreeks doorklikken naar je blog als je een comment achterlaat.

    Tot snel!


  2. Winters. Says:

    we should all be grateful that this blog isn’t about your life, the pinguin rather makes me question it .. oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice pinguin and all, but still.
    music maestro!

  3. kevinv Says:

    Hier se daar se. Good luck!

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